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Social Choice Correspondences with Infinitely Many Agents: Serial Dictatorship

Social Choice and Welfare

48(3), pp. 573-598, March 2017.

with A. Yokotani

A Trade and Welfare Analysis of Tariff Changes within the TPP

The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy

16(1), pp. 477–511, January 2016.

with J. Cheong

A Hierarchical Agency Model of Deposit Insurance

Annals of Finance,

10(2), pp. 267-290, April 2014.

with J. Carroll

(former Honours' student at UQ)

A Unifying Impossibility Theorem

Economic Theory,

54(2), pp. 249-271, September 2013.

with P. Man

No Trade, Informed Trading and Accuracy of Information

Economics Bulletin, 31(2),

pp. 1313-1321, May 2011.

with J. Wijeratne

(former Honours' student at UQ)

A Dynamic Strategy of the Informed Trader with Market Manipulation

Annals of Finance, 6(2),

pp. 287-294, March 2010.

Price, Trade Size, and Information Revelation in Multi-Period Securities Markets

Journal of Financial Markets, 13(1),

pp. 49-76, February 2010.

with H. Ozsoylev

Office-Seeking Politicians, Interest Groups and Split Contributions in the Model of Campaign Finance

International Journal of Economic Theory, 3(4), pp. 297-314, December 2007.

Working Papers

Nash Equilibrium and Party Polarization in an Electoral Model with Mixed Motivations (with Yuki Tamura and Terence Yeo). Revision Requested by Journal of Public Economic Theory

Preferential Trade Agreements and Welfare: General Equilibrium Analysis (with Juyoung Cheong and Terence Yeo).

Revisiting the “Missing Middle”: Production and Corruption (with Pham Thu Hien).

Firm Size Distribution, Production Efficiency, and Returns to Scale: A Stochastic Frontier Approach (with Pham Thu Hien).

Revisiting the “Missing Middle”: Productivity Analysis (with Pham Thu Hien).

A Model of Two-stage Electoral Competition with Strategic Voters (with Yuki Tamura and Terence Yeo)

Equilibrium, Price Manipulation and Dynamic Informed Trading in Securities Markets

Work In Progress

* Hide not to Pay: Analysis of Corruption (with Pham Thu Hien) ~~ Coming Soon.

* A Model of Financial Crisis (with Andrew McLennan).

Supplementary Notes for Papers

* A Unifying Impossibility Theorem for Compact Metric Social Alternatives Space (with Priscilla Man)

This note extends the main theorem (Theorem 1) in Man and Takayama [2013] to the case where the set of social alternatives is a compact metric space. We also qualify how versions of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem and the Muller-Satterthwaite Theorem (Muller and Satterthwaite, 1977) can be obtained as corollaries of the extended main theorem.

Outreach, Media Activity and Articles

Speeding Free Trade Agreements as a Message Against Rise of Protectionism. (March 22, 2018), The Radio Sputnik World Service, Moscow

The European Union and Japan concluded negotiations on a free trade deal. (December 11, 2017), The Radio Sputnik World Service, Moscow

Explainer: why the Japanese economy is stuck in a holding pattern (September 22, 2016), The Conversation

Abenomics fails to address Japan's true woes (August 3, 2016), The Conversation

Bank of Japan Disappoints with Modest Stimulus Measures [Part 2] Japan Trying to Avoid a Third "Lost Decade'' (August 1, 2016), TBS eFM "Primetime''

Japanese tax hikes loom large for Abenomics (February 21, 2014), The Conversation

Japan's Abe unveils much needed tax rises, stimulus measures (October 4, 2013), The Conversation

'Abenomics': a fix for Japan's ailing economy and a boost for Australia (April 3, 2013), The Conversation

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